Commission for the Palaeontological and

Stratigraphical Research of Austria (CPSA)





Paleozoic Seas Symposium

International Conference, Karl-Franzens-University (Inst. Earth Sciences), Graz (Austria), 14-18 September 2009

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Upper Triassic Subdivisions, Zonations and Events

Meeting of the late IGCP 467 and STS co-organized by Austrian Academy of Sciences (Austrian Committee for IGCP), Vienna University (Department of Palaeontology) and Geological Survey of Austria: 28 September - 2 October 2008, Bad Goisern


Methods in Ostracodology

Workshop, Institute of Earth Sciences (Geology and Palaeontology), Graz (Austria), 14-17 July 2008


Formal Lithostratigraphic Units in the pre-Variscan Sequence of the Carnic Alps

International Workshop (Part I), Museo Friulano di Storia Naturale, Udine (Italy), 2-4 May 2008

International Workshop (Part II), Carnic Alps Field Trip, (Austria/Italy), 27-31 July 2008

International Workshop (Part III), Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra e Geologico Ambientali, Università di Bologna (Italy), 15-16 February 2010

International Workshop (Part IV), Museo Friulano di Storia Naturale, Udine (Italy), 15-16 April 2011 - Photos